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Want a Black Eye with That Shake? McDonald’s is the New Fight Club

Back in April, a transgender woman was brutally attacked while trying to enter a ladies bathroom in Baltimore.  The 14- and 18-year old beat her so severely, the woman collapsed into convulsions; it was captured on tape while onlookers did…nothing. An altercation that spilled into a Cleveland parking lot became a mob scene when two people were run over by […]

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I Knew It…Cantaloupe Will Kill You

I hate cantaloupes–any kind of melon, really (that means you too, honeydew).  Their smell is repulsive and the taste is even worse and now I’m vindicated in my abhorrence of them.  Cantaloupes, in all their vile nastiness, are killing people–16 to be exact. OK, before I irresponsibly inspire widespread panic, let me clarify: It’s not […]

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