Zaytinya – DC

José Andrés, über-chef and restaurateur has yet another major hit on his hands with Zaytinya–the D.C. restaurant that pays expceptional homage to Turkish, Greek, and Lebanese cuisine.

My friend and I had about ten small dishes between the two of us and they were all executed perfectly.  To kick things off, we started with a trio of spreads–baba ghanouj (which can sometimes be a bitter turn-off, was impeccably done), traditional Greek tzatziki, and a spicy hummus.  The crispy brussel sprouts were delectable and they sat on a bed of creamy Greek yogurt.  The scallops we ordered were perfectly seared and had a sweet pleasant taste almost overshadowed by the garlic-infused Greek yogurt underneath. The spanikopita and briny dolmades were awesome as well.  If you have room, definitely try the Turkish Delight which also comes in a mezze portion.
While the food may not be what your yia-yia makes for Sunday dinner, it comes damn close.
Note:  Mike Isabella, of Top Chef notoriety, used to be the Executive Chef at Zaytinya until he recently left to open his own restaurant (Graffiato).
701 9th Street Northwest
Washington, DC
(202) 638-0800
click for website

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