Tria – PA

While enjoying a lazy stroll around the city on the 4th of July weekend, I decided to check out Tria–a beer/wine/cheese bar on Spruce.  There were only two other patrons there–I’m guessing everyone was beach-bound this weekend.
The space is clean and modern with an openness that allows you to see the “kitchen” which consists of a large toaster oven of sorts and a panini grill.  It kind of reminded me of my college dorm room chef days.  Come on, you know we all had those days.
I ordered a limonato which was served quickly–a nice, cool way to kick off a meal.  I started off with the gorgonzola-stuffed Mission figs atop prosciutto drizzled with honey–beautiful dish but the prosciutto’s salty goodness was masked by the overwhelming sweetness of the honey.  Next up was the truffled egg toast with fontina, if not for which I would have not enjoyed this restaurant nearly as much as I did.  This salty gem of awesomeness was sinfully buttery with a thin layer of creamy fontina topped with a rich egg yolk.  Do yourself a favor and break the yolk and let the bread soak it in.  A sprinkling of kosher salt takes this dish over the top.
My only negative comment about Tria is the fact that the sometimes idle waitstaff parks themselves behind the bar and stares and stares (and stares) at your every bite.  It’s beyond attentive–it’s kind of creepy.

Update:  In fairness to Tria, I must disclose that owner Jon Myerow did contact me and informed me that my review was duly noted and he has since spoken to the staff.  I admire attentive restaurateurs who actually listen to their patrons–kudos to Jon.

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