The Front Page – DC

After my friend, a District of Columbian (is that what you call DC natives?!?), convinced me that this was the brunch spot to see and be seen by Washington’s elite (think lobbyists, journalists, and politicos…oh my), I decided to arise from the fluffy cushion of yumminess that was my bed in the Dupont Hotel not far from The Front Page and hoof it to the restaurant.  Let me start off by saying that as we approached the restaurant it started to rain; I think Shakespeare would have called that foreshadowing.
After the grand review and generous accolades my friend had bestowed upon this place, I thought I was in for a celebrity-packed Sunday brunch of amazing delectability.  I found myself practicing throwing a Blood Mary in Ann Coulter’s face or “accidentally” dropping my omelette on Karl Rove’s head. Alas, when we walked in, there were only a few upwardly mobile yuppie parents with their impossibly bratty (and loud) offspring.  Check please.
Anyway, our whole purpose of going there was the Sunday brunch buffet (which is apparently the raison d’etre that people dine there on Sunday mornings) and the waitress seated us in the front of the restaurant and we had to perp walk all the way to the back of place to the buffet area.  Why she didn’t seat us in a more appropriate area I’ll never know.
The brunch was outfitted with the usual suspects–omelette station (this buffet’s saving grace), bacon so crisp that 4 out of 5 dentists agree that if you want all of your teeth by the end of the meal, you should avoid it, fruit offerings, and waffles. The buffet also offered chicken fried steak whose texture resembled shoe leather and grits (which I avoid in even the finest establishments) that looked like Elmer’s glue.
I stuck to a shrimp, cheese, and veggie omelette, fruit, and freshly squeezed orange juice.  After the meal was over, I actually dashed across the street to the open-air farmer’s market and purchased a divine cranberry and almond scone. Your best bet is to put on some comfortable walking shoes and take the time to explore what other eateries Dupont Circle has to offer.

The Front Page
1333 New Hampshire Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 296-6500

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