The Capital Grille – PA

I usually shy away from chain restaurants but The Capital Grille, with extreme consistency, a superbly trained waitstaff, and amazing fare, never disappoints.  This is a steakhouse in every sense of the word but deftly manages to avoid that overly masculine English manor library look which, as a woman, I appreciate.  The restaurant exudes that cool, Rat Pack, three-martini working lunch kind of vibe and one can’t help but feel like they’re part of the ‘in’ crowd when crossing the threshhold.  The restaurant boasts an impeccable wine list that is sure to offer something that pleases the palates of novices and oenophiles alike.
I tend to order the same thing over and over when I fall in love with a restaurant and the steak au poivre with Courvoisier cream sauce or the petit filet with cippolini onions are my go-to dishes here.  I usually pair it with lobster mac & cheese and Jersey sweet corn with bacon (when in season).  Absolutely. Divine. Seriously.
I’ve dined at the Philadelphia/Chestnut St. location several times and each time I’m bowled over by the service and quality of food.  It’s definitely a must for every red-blooded carnivore.

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