Mythos – PA

Tucked away in an out-of-the-way apartment complex, Mythos serves delicious Greek fare at amazingly reasonable prices.
It is refreshing to see a restaurant in West Chester that doesn’t serve burgers and fries and doesn’t solely exist for the pleasure of drunken college students.
We arrived about an hour before closing and were promptly greeted by a slightly overzealous (but friendly) waitress who quickly let us know that a party of Greeks who had recently been in the restaurant celebrating a baptism had cleaned them out of Greek desserts.  What?  No post-dinner baklava? **Insert extremely sad face here.**
After pouting and mourning the fact that I wouldn’t be licking honey and walnuts from my fingers after the meal, we ordered some “small” dishes.  I say this sarcastically because, little did we know, there was nothing small about these dishes…at all.
We started off with the lemon, chicken, and rice soup which I hope that if I ever find myself in Athens with a cold or flu-like symptoms, someone’s kindly yia-yia will spoon-feed this to me.  Up next?  A sampler of dips–hummus, tzatziki, kalamata olive, roasted red pepper, etc.  Be forewarned–they are not pretty and look like what you might find at the bottom of your kitchen’s overworked garbage disposal.  However, the saving grace is that they tasted amazing! We also ordered dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) with an egg-lemon sauce that complimented it perfectly.  The spanikopita was good but not great (due to the absence of feta cheese).  We also had a meat sampler platter of various souvlaki and lamp chops; a side of horta (wild bitter greens) and lemon-spiced potatoes went well with the platter.  All of this was served with piping hot, char-grilled pita bread.  Needless to say, we did not (and could not) finish all of this delicious food–we took home enough for two additional meals. And that should be enough to make anyone say “Opa!”
Side note: Mythos is a BYOB but they offer complimentary house wine–bonus!)

Food photo credit: Stock

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