Delilah’s – PA

Her Royal Highness Lady O (otherwise known as Oprah) famously declared Delilah Winder’s mac & cheese the best in the nation in 2003 and Delilah has been riding that wave of O’s blessing ever since.  The question is: Does she deserve the title? Depends on who you ask.  For those who grew up eating mac & cheese out of a little blue box, the answer is yes.  For the rest of us, especially with Southern mothers who made mac & cheese in such a way that you could slice it like a gooey cake, the answer is a resounding hell no.

Delilah, who was beaten at her own mac & cheese game by none other than Bobby Flay on Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay”, brags about using seven different kinds of cheeses in her dish and perhaps that’s what makes it almost too oily to eat.  At Reading Terminal, you fork over a whopping $4 for a Dixie cup-sized portion of bland oiliness.
Do you know how many boxes of Kraft I can buy with that?

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