Carey Hilliard’s – GA

As a young child, trapped in the backseat of my parents’ car and headed for yet another long road trip to Georgia (and, inevitably, a trip to my father’s alma mater–Savannah State University), one of the things that made my eyes light up was knowing that a trip to Carey Hilliard’s in Savannah was a definite.

The restaurant has been around for 30-plus years and its menu hasn’t changed much–if at all.  The same fried seafood platter and homemade hush puppies are just as tasty as I remembered and the sweet tea is diabetes-inducing.  When I was a kid, the drink was a strange and welcomed concotion (this was long before McDonald’s caught on to the sweet tea craze).  As an adult, the sugar content sends me into a near coma.
By no means is the fare offered at Carey’s an accurate representation of Southern cuisine–their offerings are pretty pedestrian.  However, they still serve a mean Brunswick stew (a traditional stew that just about every Southerner has eaten at least a hundred times in his or her life).  There are several locations around the state; definitely worth a visit the next time you’re in the Peach State.
Carey Hilliard’s
3316 Skidaway Rd.
Savannah, GA 31404
(912) 354-7240

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