Brown Betty Petite – PA

I have a sweet tooth; no really, I have to constantly keep the sugar monsters at bay but I decided to indulge and visit Brown Betty Dessert Boutique’s third (and smaller) location at Liberty Place (Northern Liberties).  Tiny with limited (and odd, random) seating, there wasn’t much room to accomodate the five or so patrons waiting in line.  There was also an insanely in love, can’t-keep-my-hands-or-lips-off-of-my-sweet-little-love-muffin engaged couple who were waiting to speak with a consultant about designing their wedding cake.  There was hardly any room to breathe much less plan the most important confection of your life.  I know I’m harping on this, but I can’t stand tight spaces–it totally throws off my ability to think clearly which is why I think I made a mistake in ordering the lemon curd cupcake.

On my list of favorite sweet treats, cupcakes enjoy a pretty high ranking.  I take my cupcakes seriously so imagine my disappointment when I got a dry, borderline stale cupcake filled with what tasted like canned lemon filling.  The cake itself had the texture of a biscuit–very dense and bready. Wtf?!? Since I chose to eat the cupcake in the shop, it was served on a sweet little china saucer with a fork.  When I tried to use the fork, the cupcake crumbled and disintergrated into a shadow of its former self.
I have yet to visit the location again and, in the determined spirit of a true sugarholic, I haven’t quite given up on Brown Betty yet.  One day we’ll meet again Betty–one day–and, hopefully, our next meeting will be sweeter.

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