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Toque of the Town: Top Chef Kevin Sbraga Debuts in Philly

In a world where the popularity of television personalities is as fleeting as the lifespan of a mayfly, it’s rare that 15 minutes of TV fame translate to real world success.  Both loved and despised, reality television is often responsible for dashing the dreams of hopeful fame seekers and putting the kibosh on budding careers–former reality show contestants often […]

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Federal Donuts Opens Its Doors (And Gets Slammed)

There are a few indisputable facts about me.  I am not a fan of fried chicken.  I do not like donuts.  Hipsters make me itch.  So, what the hell was I doing at the long-awaited opening of Federal Donuts?  Standing on the sidewalk in front of the coffee/chicken/donut eatery this morning, I wondered the same […]

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