Hangin’ with the Cool Kids: A Burger at PYT

A funny thing happened to Generation X–we grew up.  We got jobs, 401Ks, and we settled down, but every now and then we like to prove to ourselves (and to others) that we haven’t completely sold out to The Man and there’s still a kernel of coolness deep down in our once-slacker souls.  So, we pepper our texts with “OMG” and “LOL” and we occasionally embarrass ourselves in front of the younger crowd with an awkward and totally unconvincing “for realz”.  On those days when we’re feeling really hip, we dare to dine amongst the twentysomething set at places like PYT–the Northern Liberties über-trendy burger joint that caters to both baby emos and us Gen Xers alike.

The menu boasts an array of burgers like the Cheesesteak Pretzel Roll Burger and the Pistachio-crusted Lamb Burger, but if you’re looking for something traditional, opt for the eponymous PYT Burger (I added a fried egg and avocado to mine).  I could eat a jar of the sweet caramelized onion-filled “special sauce” and the Kenzinger beer-battered onion rings aren’t bad at all.  Oh, and the “adult milkshakes” (a term that freaks me out because it sounds like a sexual euphemism) are awesome–even if they are overpriced at $10.

However, the one thing that annoys me about PYT is the mind numbingly slow service.  With their impossibly tight skinny jeans and factory-distressed Converses, the young waitstaff could use a lesson or two on how to be prompt (and actually take drink orders).  Don’t get me wrong–they’re sweet but I witnessed at least 3 tables of patrons almost turn into angry mobs because of the wait.  (Oh yeah, and I’m still not cool enough to be down with co-ed bathrooms.  Ever.)
So, all in all, PYT serves up pretty tasty fare and I expect the service will improve over time.  While you can’t possibly eat their greasy offerings everyday (unless you travel with a defibrillator and your own personal cardiologist), PYT is a great location to hang out, grab a beer and a burger, and escape from your grown-up life. For realz.

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